LED Waterproof Luminaires

LED Waterproof Basic

  • NEW: Available with wirethrough (WT) for faster installation
  • NEW: Now available in 6500K
  • Cost effective ''sealed-for-life'' waterproof luminaire
  • Up to 60% lower energy consumption compared to traditional TL lighting
  • Quick installation through the easy to open endcap
  • Supplied with stainless steel ceiling and suspension clips


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LEDWaterproof-B L1150-36W-4000543022006400TL 2x36W40001104000Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-B L1450-50W-4000543022006500TL 2x58W55001104000Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-B L1150-36W-4000-WT543022017500TL 2x36W40001104000Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-B L1450-50W-4000-WT543022017600TL 2x58W55001104000Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-B L1150-36W-6500-WT543022017700TL 2x36W40001106500Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-B L1450-50W-6500-WT543022017800TL 2x58W55001106500Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-B L1150-36W-6500543022017900TL 2x36W40001106500Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-B L1450-50W-6500543022018000TL 2x58W55001106500Grey RAL 7035